Why I Chose To Be A Leader

What comes to mind when you think of a leader? Is he or she a figure of authority? Or a person who leads and serves simultaneously?

As a child, (as with any child), I always dream to be a prince or king one day. I imagine myself with people attending to me and spending my days carefree in the splendour of the castle. That was the first reason why I wanted to be a leader – to enjoy life.

But as I grew up, I knew that not all of us were destined to be kings and prince.

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National Day: A Preview

As the day closely approaches, Singapore makes its final preparations for its upcoming 51st birthday celebration that will be held on the 9th of August. It is a significant day for Singapore as we yet show the world another wonderful year of a stable and prosperous nation. For a tiny and vulnerable city-state, achieving 50 years and more of independence (we celebrated Jubilee 50 last year), is no easy feat.

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Starting From Home: Singapore

I had always thought that I can never find an interesting place to visit in Singapore. To me, travelling means going out of one’s country for an exploration. In a small and urban country like Singapore, how can a citizen boast that his country has spectacular breath-taking views? Putting aside all the minor parks and natural reserves, Singapore’s major “nature” scene is its concrete jungle, pun intended, and so I never thought Singapore as a destination for adventures.

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Warmer Nights

The heat is taking away my sleep. I tossed and turned on my bed trying to find a cool spot despite the fan being switched on. I can’t take it any longer. I went to the oscillating fan, turned off its oscillation, pull it close to the bed and slept directly in front of the fan. That was when I could finally drift off into sleep.

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Fall To Fly


A mother eagle edges her fledgling out of the nest. As the young bird descends, he struggles hysterically to stop himself from falling. He’s too young to die. Just before he makes impact with the ground, the mother eagle swoops down and catches her eaglet, returning him to the comfort of the nest. The eaglet is safe, for now. Then suddenly, the mother pushes him out, again. She does this over and over until her kid learns to fly.

It got me wondering: Is it part of life’s parcel to make us fall before we can actually fly? And if we don’t fly, does that mean we die?

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Dry Season

I kept walking, walking and walking. Or so it seemed. One thought that lingered on in my mind was the difficulty of walking forward when all you wish is to stop and let it all go for a moment. How pleasing would it be to satisfy your own needs for once and care less the commitments bound round your shoulders?  Then again, my consciousness haunted me. It’s prompting me to move because it knows the minute I break, I might never set another foot forward again. And so I tirelessly trudge my feet. But now as I reflect, was I really walking or had I long fallen down and illusion myself walking?

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To The Land Of The Kiwis!


(10 November 2015)


Nov 10 Singapore
Ready. Set. Go

The months of November and December are very dear to me (and probably most of you) because it is the time when I can finally take a break from the hectic and demanding school life. It is the longest school break we get in the year and somehow, though there is still 8 weeks to Christmas, the festive mood starts kicking in. It is also a habit for my family to take a vacation during these months and that year we headed for New Zealand. Continue reading “To The Land Of The Kiwis!”

This Love-Hate Relationship

It is once again, the time of the year when roses are presented, romantic letters are delivered and hugs and kisses are given. 14th of February marks the (nearly) international day of love-Valentine’s Day. It is an occasion where we display our love that we may not display on other days. Loving your favourite people is easy, but to what extend are we ready to love  the people we detest?
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